Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A New Poll Finds That One In Twelve Americans Believe They May Have Seen A UFO

A new poll reveals that one out of every twelve Americans has seen a mysterious object that they think may have been a UFO, and nearly one in every five personally knows someone who has seen a UFO.

Some of the other findings of the poll:

-56 percent of adults in the poll believe it is very likely or somewhat likely that intelligent life exists on other worlds.

-35 percent said extraterrestrials are unlikely.

-9 percent are uncertain.

-Men are almost twice as likely to have seen a UFO in the sky than are women.

-Older Americans are much more likely than younger people to have seen a UFO, as are residents of rural areas or suburbs rather than those living in the major cities.

-People living in the Western states are three times more likely to have seen a UFO than are residents of the Northeast, Midwest or South.

-People who have attended church recently and who identify themselves as born again Evangelical Protestants are much less likely to have seen UFOs as people with little or no involvement with organized religion.

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