Sunday, October 5, 2008

Zeitgeist Debunked - An Article That Tears Zeitgeist's Attacks On Christianity Apart

Have you had the chance to see the anti-Christian movie Zeitgeist yet?

Zeitgeist combines a little bit of truth with a whole bunch of lies, half-truths, exaggerations and bad scholarship regarding the Christian faith.

It is very important for Christians to be able to answer these attacks, because a lot of people have been deceived by this film and others like it.

The other day we found an outstanding article which debunks many of the claims of this fraudulent film. Here are just a few of the subjects the article linked to below covers:

• The subject of astrology and the Bible.

• The supposed similarities between Jesus and mythological heroes.

• The evidence for the truthfulness of the gospel accounts.

The article below also closely examines the supposed "similarities" between Jesus and the Egyptian god Horus:


  1. Alright people... here is my opinion, my perspective, take it only in that way... think for yourself... draw your own conclusions...

    Enough with trying to debunk 911 - which is now a conspiracy. Conspiracies are events that have such diluted, contorted, conflicting facts that no agreeable judgment or ratification can be concluded because our system of proof relies on factual basis. Everyone is searching and comparing facts, running in circles of he said she said. Facts can't successfully prove truth, truth is actually felt. Can we prove Jesus or other religious icons are real? Can we prove there are souls or spirits? Can we actually prove gravity (we really can't, even though you think we can)? (For religious people, this might go against your beliefs and inner agreement system... but that's ok, theres a time...) - So with all of that said, the only point I will draw is if there is one item that is not correct in the whole 911 situation, then the entire event is extremely questionable. A building that never suffered an impact or severe structural impact nicely (and almost planned) compacts to the ground... how does that happen? Theres your one thread of disbelief... the rest is history.

    As for proving religious topics... Have you met jesus? Have you talked to horus. Forget about religion. For those of us that can think outside the box, religion is already debunked and has been for a long time. Sorry fellow religious people, please do not take this as any sort of personal attack. Don't try to contest my opinion, as it is only a misuse of your energy and won't have the effect you desire. :-/

    Zeitgeist's point was to show the profit driven world we live in. We are acting on a "separated" mentality and not acting as a species. We are a part of nature. We are an organism (not going into depth). We need to act as one and for the benefit of one. Yes, these philosophies are Utopian, and to those who haven't been "awakened" believe this concept is very unattainable. However, all I can say is it's a matter of time. Go on with your beliefs and inner agreement systems, but life will unfold, things will happen, events will occur, and life will as nature does, change.

    I write this only with the intent that maybe one person questions them self. I hope to reach one person. As long as I've done that, this was complete success of my time.

    For the record, I live in a mountain and donate my time and energy towards helping humanity in this pivotal time we are entering. Learn to survive, get back to the basics... One day you might need it. My love goes out to everyone. If you let any of my message effect you negatively, my love and sorrow reaches out to you.

    Peace. :-)

  2. While it's possible that not everything stated in the Zeitgeist Movie is completely factual, I have done extensive research as far as the Jesus myth (Part 1) goes. My thesis was based on different religions, and I wrote it before this documentary even came out. From research, I found that Part I, while a theory, is as close as it gets to the truth.

    De-bunkers of Part 1 are funny because they use biased opinions, not research, to try and convince people the film's completely incorrect. Although, no one has debunked the details of the preceding sun gods that are spoken of in the film...and that is because their facts are all valid. What this means is that there have been multiple sun gods with the plagiarized story of Jesus, but thousands of years before his time. To even semi-intelligent people, this raises many questions about the validity of Jesus's story.

    Why are people so afraid of seeking out the truth, or asking reasonable questions?

  3. This article refutes and disproves claims of Zeitgeist movie, from the part of Christianity:

    I suggest to read the article!