Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cloning Mice That Were Frozen For 16 Years?

Cloning Long Frozen Mice?

*Japanese scientists have cloned mice whose bodies were frozen for as long 16 years and have said that it may be possible to use the same technique to "resurrect" mammoths and other extinct species. Do we really want to be bringing back dinosaurs? Did anyone see Jurassic Park?

Magnetic Portals Connect The Earth And Sun?

*New evidence is emerging that magnetic portals connect the sun and the earth. Interesting stuff!

Sounds Like A Place Indiana Jones Would Visit

*A 3,000 year old temple featuring an image of a spider god has been found in Peru. Who would be stupid enough to worship a spider?

Bird Flu News

*Lastly, scientists have discovered that the bird flu virus "hides" from the immune system. That is not good news. Could a pandemic be on the way?

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