Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Could This Be Real Footage Of A Grey Alien?

This video claims to show a grey alien being held in an isolation room.

Do you believe it is a hoax?

Do you believe that it is real?

Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion.


  1. I would lean toward hoax. This looks like someone's art project. The way the light interacts with the objects has a very CG look to it, as does the way the various characters move.

    Also, why would someone holding an alien be equipped with video equipment dependent on video tape? That interference throughout the video is the result of tape disturbances.

    It would be much easier to smuggle a digital file out of a facility than to make a copy to a tape.

  2. And going to the website at the start of the clip reveals it to be a 3D artists website.