Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A New UFO Sighting - December 27th In Norway

The following video was posted by "norravind" on YouTube. It is claimed that there were 5 witnesses to this UFO sighting on December 27th in Norway.

The video was originally posted at this address:


So is it real? You be the judge. The poster of this video has requested that we post the following description of this video.....


An unidentified flying object made itself visible at December 27th 2008 over a city in Norway, it was very cold and dark outside but a clear starry night nevertheless - even tho the cold temperature makes stars and planets appear smaller than with warm weather, the object in the sky was quite huge and clear, at least twice the size of planet Jupiter. Both Jupiter and Venus is located at different dec. and the object disappeared from location after 1 1/2 hour. The telescopic filters shows that the object pushes red light (high energy), and blocks blue, the object also appears to be of a Dropa shape - it is at least similar. We were 5 witnesses present when the object appeared.


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