Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Is This A Picture Of Wood On Mars?

What does the picture below look like to you?

It is a picture that was taken by NASA on the planet Mars.

Some people are saying that the object near the top of the photo looks like a piece of wood.

Wood on the planet Mars?

How could that be possible?

NASA has declared over and over that Mars is a dead planet with no life on it whatsoever.

Will NASA be forced to backtrack on these assertions now?

Or is that object just a rock?

This picture below is absolutely stunning:

The picture above is a closeup. Below is the wider view where you can see the object in question more in context:

You can view the original picture on a NASA server right here:


Now there are so many questions to be asked if the object really is wood. How old is the wood? Where did it come from? Is there any evidence that the wood has been crafted or shaped or been worked on in any way?

Hopefully there will be an investigation into these things and this will not be covered up as so many things such as this have been in the past.

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