Friday, April 17, 2009

Brazil's Government Releases Their Top Secret UFO Files

In a stunning move, Brazil's government has agreed to release top secret UFO files to Brazil’s UFO community. These files indicate that the government of Brazil does consider UFOs to be a very real phenomenon.

This is what many ufologists have been waiting for - official disclosure of classified UFO documents by a major world government.

The Commission of Brazilian Ufologists has been fighting for access to these secret files for quite a few years. You can visit the official website of the Commission of Brazilian Ufologists at this link: (However, be warned that it is not in English)

The government had previously released some files on the UFO phenomenon, but now they have agreed to release files dealing with even the most significant and highly classified UFO events.

This includes the files that Brazil's UFO community wanted most of all - the files about Brazil’s own version of "Roswell".

It was known as the "Varghina affair" and as the "Official Night of the UFOs". On one May night in 1986, 20 UFOs were tracked by Brazilian radar and were chased by 6 Brazilian military jets.

The minister of aviation at that time, Brigadier General Otavio Moreira Lima, confirmed that the event was true and later went on the record stating that he believed humanity would soon make open contact with aliens. Lima also said at that time that Brazil had the right the right to tell the truth to its people about the existence of extraterrestrials if they wanted to even without the permission of the United States.

Lima also made the curious statement at that time that while many people were ready to accept the reality of extraterrestrials, many other simply were not ready for that kind of information.

So will other governments around the world follow the example of the Brazilian government?

Will we soon see major government leaders around the world come forward and acknowledge the reality of UFOs?

Everyone knows that something is going on.

Our government leaders may as well admit it.

But the sad thing is that even they do not know who these "aliens" really are.

If you want to know who these extraterrestrials are, and why we may see the return of the Nephilim in this generation, then read the rest of this website.

What you learn may shock you.

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