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A Woman Gives Birth To A Horned Baby? More Evidence For The Return Of The Nephilim?

Are we living at a time when things will be as they were in "the days of Noah"?  Things are certainly getting very strange out there.  Today we wanted to share with you a story that we recently came across in our research.  It is back from 2001, but it is just another example of the bizarre creatures that are being born to human women out there.  Is this the generation that will witness the return of the Nephilim?  If you know of more stories like this, please get in contact with us by leaving a comment.  Something really strange is happening out there, and perhaps together we can get to the bottom of this. 

Here is the story we wanted to share with you all today....


Bungoma woman gives birth to horned creature
By Robert Wanyonyi

A caesarean operation carried out on a woman who has been “pregnant” for five years stunned doctors at Lugulu Mission Hospital in Bungoma District.

The foetus turned out to be a strange creature.

Mrs Florence Okoth who is now recuperating at home in a Kimilili town estate said doctors concealed the discovery and instead sent the creature for analysis at Kijabe Mission Hospital. She said she started having a strange swelling in her stomach in June 1997 which doctors and midwives diagnosed to be pregnancy. Okoth, 43, told hundreds of unbelieving friends and well-wishers that the object weighed 6 kg with a human head made of a cement-like substance and protruding horns.

“The chest looked like a bat complete with wings while the middle part represented a sheep skin. The lower section had clear features of a mature frog,” said the woman to the amazement of all.

She said the creature had hundreds of root-like tails that had entangled themselves around her large intestines which doctors said were used for sucking blood. “Since 1997, I could not feel satisfied even after eating a heavy meal,” said Okoth.

Her husband, Mr Francis Okoth who hails from Ugunja in Siaya District, is a bicycle repairer in Kimilili town. He said they spent over Sh62,000 visiting various hospitals in the country in order to cure his wife, a mother of one daughter.

A senior doctor at Lugulu hospital who was part of a team that operated on Okoth confirmed that the strange creature was removed from the woman’s body, killed and taken to Kijabe for further analysis.

He said the patient was suffering from uterine fibroids. The family has appealed to well-wishers to enable them offset a hospital bill of Sh70, 556 they had incurred at the time of her discharge recently. “We used a friend’s land title deed to secure her release. We don’t even have money to buy her drugs,” said the husband. They said they were encouraged to come forward after the East African Standard highlighted Margaret Apoya’s problem, a woman with unnaturally large breasts who is to be operated on at the Moi Referral and Teaching Hospital in Eldoret.

The East African Standard, May 7/2001
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