Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Major UFO Sighting Over Knotts Berry Farm In California?

The photograph above was taken by an iPhone at Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park. The man who took it, 31-year-old Ryan Boone, says that the photo was taken at 10 PM at night while he was waiting in line to ride the Xcelerator rollercoaster.

According to NBC Los Angeles, Boone never believed in UFOs before he took this picture....

"At first I thought it had to be a glare, but there was nothing in the sky to glare off of," said Boone.

He laughed, "I've never been a believer in UFOs until I took this photo and saw it with my own eyes."
So is this thing real?

The truth is that we may never get the full story.

Photographs are so incredibly easy to doctor these days.

In fact, some people make these kinds of things up just to see how many people will fall for them.

But the reality is that there are now millions of people who claim to have either seen a UFO or who have had an encounter with "aliens".

Clearly something is going on out there.

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