Wednesday, February 2, 2011

UFO Over Jerusalem

In late January, some incredibly stunning footage of a UFO over Jerusalem was captured on video.  In the video your are about to watch, a UFO very slowly descends towards the Temple Mount, it hovers there for just a moment, a very bright light is released and then the UFO rockets up into space at the blink of an eye.

If you have not seen this video yet, you have got to see it for yourself....

So was this a real UFO over Jerusalem?

Well, the truth is that any video posted on YouTube could be a fake these days, but you have to admit that this one is quite compelling.

Especially considering the fact that this UFO was filmed hovering directly over the Temple Mount.

The most shocking part of the video is when the bright light goes off and then the UFO rockets back into space.

In recent years there has been a ton of UFO sightings reported in and around Israel.  Is there some reason for this or is it just a coincidence?

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