Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Aliens Didn't Show Up On October 14th - So Now The "Channelers" Are Telling Us October 15th Is The Day!

The Galactic Federation of Light did not show up on October 14th.

Neither did any other aliens.

Bummer for the true believers, eh?

Actually they haven't given up yet - now they are telling us that because of time zones, calendar mixups, etc. that the REAL day is actually today, October 15th!

Here is one post that sums up the mood of these October 14th believers:

When October 15th is over, will they claim that the real day is October 16th?

A lot of these "channelers" and UFO junkies are starting to realize that they have been lied to.

Now if they had known who these "aliens" were from the very beginning they would not be surprised that they have been lied to.

These beings lie because of who they are and who their leader is:

So the sooner we all realize who these "aliens" are the better off we will all be.

Now, will these "aliens" show up someday and make "first contact" with humanity?

Yes, we fully expect that someday they will, and the majority of the people on the earth will still not realize that they are fallen angels.

Someday we will have to deal with them.

But not yet.

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