Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why Do Aliens Lie? - Aren't They Supposed To Be More Advanced Than Us?

Numerous "channelers" and others "in contact" with UFO's claimed that a gigantic "light ship" would appear in the sky on October 14th for all the world to see and it would stay there for 3 days. It didn't happen. So what happened? Did the "aliens" lie?

Well, some of the "true believers" are still trying to claim that something actually happened. This is one laughable picture that is making the rounds on the internet. It is being claimed that the white blob is a "light ship" that appeared and hovered over the White House:

It is curious that nobody saw it hovering right over the White House, nobody sounded any alarms and the news was silent about this.

The white blob looks like a fat ghost from some kind of old Nintendo video game but that's just me.....

One of the leading "channelers" of "The Galactic Federation Of Light" named "Blossom Goodchild" gave this explanation:

She seems pretty humiliated.

So were these channelers simply delusional?

I don't believe so, although there are surely a few delusional folks among them.

I believe that most of them were actually contacted by beings who claimed to be space aliens.

Most of these "channelers" had real experiences with real beings.

And now these "channelers" don't understand why they have been lied to.

It is because they don't understand that these "E.T.s" are not really aliens at all.

They are beings that have been around for thousands of years and we know EXACTLY who they are.

This video explains precisely who these beings are and what their agenda is:

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