Friday, October 17, 2008

A Psychotic "Prophet" Predicts That Spaceships Will Appear On Halloween As A Sign That We Must Support Barack Obama

A "master UFO Caller" says that on October 31, 2008, superhuman black men from other planets will appear in their spaceships and will hover over his "UFO summoning school" for 3 days as a sign that all Americans should vote for Barack Obama as President.

Here is video of this nutjob:

I guess this guy must not have learned anything from the humiliation of the October 14th crowd.

He says that October 31, 2008, at exactly 12 noon, is the date and time the spaceships are most likely to appear over Las Vegas, Nevada.

Well, he has put himself on the line.

October 31st is the day.

Let's see if his pro-Obama spaceships really show up.....

Meanwhile, a legitimate UFO has been photographed in the Dominican Republic:

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