Wednesday, September 30, 2009

DNA Tests Performed On What Is Being Called A Dead Alien Baby In Mexico

The video below is extremely bizarre, but what it documents may be one of the most important discoveries in the history of UFO research. The creature being examined in the video is being called "an alien baby" and it was discovered by a Mexican farmer back in 2007. When the Mexican farmer, Marao Lopez, discovered this creature on his farm, he attempted to drown it in a ditch out of fear. But his first attempt apparently did not kill the creature. Lopez claims that it actually took three attempts to finally drown the "alien baby", and that in order to finally do it he had to hold it under the water "for hours".

Lopez ultimately turned the corpse of this bizarre creature to a team of university scientists who performed an array of scientific tests on it. In addition, the History Channel's MonsterQuest program recently put the creature's mummified remains under a series of scientific tests as well.

These scientific tests are discussed in the video below and what was found is quite surprising? Does this creature actually represent an "alien" life form? Where did this creature come from? What does this discovery mean? What do you think?

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