Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Incredible UFO Sighting In Jakarta, Indonesia That Is Shaking An Entire Nation

A stunningly clear photograph of a UFO over Jakarta, Indonesia is creating a huge uproar across that nation. The picture to the left is consistent with other UFO photos from around the world, but many debunkers are already trying to dismiss it as a fake. What do you think? The individual who took this photograph says that he was not aware that he was taking a picture of a UFO. He says that he did not see the UFO in the photograph until he took his cell phone camera home and downloaded the picture on to his computer.

The reality is that is is SO easy to fake pictures these days that there will always be suspicion that pictures like these are fakes. But this photo is causing a big uproar in Indonesia right now. You can see the original international report about this UFO sighting here.....

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