Sunday, August 15, 2010

Is The Starchild Skull Evidence That The Nephilim Once Lived Among Us?

Are the scientific tests that have been performed on the Starchild skull solid evidence that we are not alone in the universe? Could this skull be proof that the Nephilim once lived among us? What you about to see in the video posted below is absolutely extraordinary. It is now abundantly clear that the Starchild skull is unlike anything known to exist here on earth.

So where did it come from?

That is a really good question. Many people are getting really excited and are touting this skull as evidence that “aliens” were visiting us (or perhaps even lived among us) thousands of years ago.

But those of us who know about the Nephilim know better. We understand that thousands of years ago fallen angels visited this earth and produced bizarre hybrid offspring with humanity. This visitation by fallen angels was recorded in one form or another by almost every ancient culture.

So could this Starchild skull actually be a skull from one of those hybrid creatures?

Watch the video posted below and decide for yourself….

All of this is all the more important considering the fact that we could be living during the times that will witness the return of the Nephilim. The Lord Jesus Christ warned us that things would be as “in the days of Noah” in the last days, and many believe that what Jesus was referring to was that fallen angels will once again be openly visiting mankind just before the return of our Lord.

Of course most of humanity will welcome these “aliens” and the “UFOs” they travel in as friends. Most will have no idea that these creatures are actually fallen angels in disguise.

For those seeking more information about the return of the Nephilim, we very much encourage you to check out a great new book on this topic that was just released: Unholy Communion

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  1. Some of the Nephilim are still aroun d so i wouldnt call it returning, just multiplied.