Saturday, September 18, 2010

Video Evidence Of The Nephilim?

Do the YouTube videos posted below contain actual video evidence of UFOs and aliens?  These days it is so incredibly easy to fake just about anything, but there is no denying that a lot of really bizarre videos are starting to surface around the globe.

Could we be living in the days when these "aliens" will make open contact with humanity?

Could we be living in the days when we will see the return of the Nephilim?

Those are some very heavy questions.

There are some things we just don't have answers to right now, but for the moment check out some of the latest alien sightings from all around the globe....

The following is an "alien" that was supposedly caught on camera by a film crew in Mexico....

This next one is supposedly an "aliens" that was caught on tape down in South America....

This third video is reportedly footage of a 4000 year old "alien" carving that was discovered at Stonehenge during stone surface testing. It is claimed that this is an authentic carving in the surface of the stone and that it has been carbon dated to be over 4000 years old.

We cannot confirm any of these claims, but this is certainly a very interesting video.  If it truly is an ancient carving, it is remarkable how closely it resembles the "aliens grays" of today....

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  1. The feet slide and don't support the body in both videos. This is evidence of puppetry and therefore a hoax.