Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Shocking Dream About Jesus, UFOs And The Coming Deception

These days, it seems like a lot of Christians are getting dreams and visions about UFOs.  A video about one very shocking dream that one Christian had is posted below.  In this dream, Jesus said that He is coming soon and He also apparently warned about the coming UFO deception.  So is this a dream that we should take seriously?  Well, watch it and decide for yourself.  As always, dreams are never 100% reliable.  People can literally dream almost anything.  And considering that this is a YouTube video, the entire dream could have been made up.  You just never know.  So you always have to talk these things with a grain of salt.  But it is a very interesting video.  And it fits in quite well with so many other dreams and visions that people have been receiving.  For a long time I have believed that UFOs are going to be involved with the coming "grand delusion".  I believe that the forces of darkness are going to convince us that they are from "another world" and that we need to learn from their wisdom.  They may even claim to have seeded this planet with life and to have watched over our "evolution".

For decades, television shows, movies, books, video games and science textbooks have been preparing us to accept the fact that there is life on other planets and that UFOs and aliens are real.  When aliens finally do interact with us publicly, most people will think that it is only natural to greet our new "friends".  But these new "friends" may have a very sinister agenda of their own.

The following is the video of the dream that was mentioned above.....

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  1. N.That is exactly what my story is about. I am very confused why my story is being censored, I am very confused on why "They" are wasting so many resources on me and attacking me the way "They" are. I am just a Christian who dreams but after I was released from Travis AFB, the attacks have only gotten worse and peaked the night I was supposed to contact Coast to Coast AM. I am not doing this for Attention, Its embarrising, I'm not doing this to promote a song, That ridiculous, I am only doing this for one reason and one reason only, "THE TRUTH" What happened to me and what is happening to me is real and I can only warn others that They're attacks and censorship is quite real and very scary. Just search Gregory Pitchford and Alex Jones..................Gregory Pitchford

    1. The time is very close. The 12th imam has arrived. We are all going to see them very soon. Jesus Christ is your only salvation. Find a church with a cross. Repent. He just wants to see you try and make an effort. No one is perfect. Not even a prophet.

      Gregory Pitchford

  2. Gregory Pitchford Alex Jones

    I called Alex Jones one day to test a theory about William Cooper and my life hasn't been the same. After much prayer and meditation I will be destroying my cell phone soon and finding refuge with a Christian organization. The Return of the Nephillim is near, The return of the 12th Iman is near, the return of the 12th planet is near. Get your spirit right and seek God for refuge. We are about to enter some very difficult times. I warn you all, it is near...........

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  4. I would also add that I too am one in which the Lord has shown in a dream that this indeed is the 'Great Delusion' that is arriving as spoken of in 1 Thess. My dream is graphic, but is basically stating the same thing. It's a false spirit and those who love The Lord will know it immediately. For something that will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck for what it shows go to (119 Ministries) and watch their End Times will not regret it!